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    Blackstreet & Mya


Holy shit, this song. Fuckin' jam.

Sittin' here thinking 'bout yesterdayyyyyyyy. About what we did and how we used to playy-aye-ayye. (Right, right. Right, right.) Just the thought of you brings a smile upon my faceee. That’s how it makes me feel to see you everydayyyywoahhoohoh.

OMG, the nostalgia is killing me, I’m gonna cry. I’m so done. Doneeeee.



I am constantly feeling like I need to remind people of something:


He tried to kill Elsa, yes. But Anna’s (near) death was Elsa’s doing (accidentally of course, but still).

The fact that Hans didn’t kiss Anna doesn’t mean that he tried to kill her. He just didn’t do anything to save her. But even if he had kissed her, it wouldn’t have done anything anyway because 1) It had to be Anna’s act of true love (as far as we know) 2) Anna’s love for Hans wasn’t “true”. AND if he’d wanted to save her, he wouldn’t have been able to because he would’ve had no idea where to find another “act of true love” for Anna.

Not saying what Hans did was okay, but c’mon people. Is a little bit of accuracy too much to ask?

I am not one to get into these arguments, but knowing someone is most likely gonna die and then locking them in a room so they’ll definitely die (unless they have a snowman friend with a nose like a skeleton key) is pretty much murder.

Even if he couldn’t help if he wanted to that doesn’t mean locking her in a room is gonna be a good idea?

(Source: vikingsarebetter)

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